Safer chem use

Despite the many positive effects that chems produce, chems can cause side effects that can lead to acute intoxications with serious complications (or even death). In the long run, chems can make you mentally dependent. You keep craving that rush and the sensation of the high combined with intense sex.

Chem use is never without risk, always act responsibly and follow harm reduction advice.

Information before intoxication
First of all, it is important to know what substance you are ingesting. These days we see many powerful new substances appearing on the market. Many of these substances are stimulants and increase sexual drive and arousal. Never accept/try a new chem unless you have educated yourself about its effects, dose and duration of effects. Also check the interactions with other chems you want to take. Buy your chems from a person you trust and check the composition of the sample if possible in Brussels or in the Netherlands. Be aware that some (new) substances from the cathinone family can be very powerful and highly addictive.

Start low, go slow
The right dosage is the main key to finding the balance between pleasure and problems. Inform yourself through Budd’s cheminfo. Start with a low dose and dose slowly. You can always take more, you can never take less.

In relation to dosing, it is strongly recommended that you make notes of the different chems you take, the time you took them and the dose you took at that time. Share this document with your sex partners and monitor each other’s usage. It is your responsibility to keep yourself and your partners safe!

Dose to feel good, not to compete
Each person is different, so dose to feel nice, not to compete with each other. Some men can use much higher doses than others. Your body weight (low = lower dose) and your experience with and tolerance to chems are critical.

Think carefully about the method of ingestion before using chems. It is important to understand that the impact and effects of chems are different when you snort, smoke or inject them. You must realize that stimulant chems are easier to control when you snort them than when you smoke or inject them. Smoking and especially slamming significantly increases the negative health consequences and increases the chances of developing a dependency.

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