Safe(er) slamming

“The effect of a slam is very intense. The rush produces an overwhelming horniness. But in the past year I have lost self-control. Now I increasingly regret that I ever started slamming.” M. (42)

In the chemsex scene, slamming is becoming more common. Chems like Tina (crystal meth), 3-MMC, ketamine, cocaine, mephedrone and other (new) substances are inserted with a needle before or during sex.
Slamming is imagery: the term refers to slamming a door hard (“slamming door”). The term symbolizes the immediate, often overwhelming effect after injection (the rush). Because of this effect, slamming is often experienced and described as the most intense sex rush. This rush boosts self-confidence and because of the strong sexual boost, slam sessions sometimes go on for days.
Slamming can also be very risky. Know that slamming is the most intense use technique, so prepare carefully!

Slam techniques
There are several slam techniques: intravenous (into the veins), intramuscular or muscling (into the muscles), subcutaneous or skin popping (under the skin), and booty bumping (inserting anally without a needle). Of all the techniques of use, slamming into the vein is the most risky. Using a good slam technique is essential and can prevent many problems and permanent damage.

Some tips:

  • Intravenous slamming:
    Be careful not to hit arteries. These are often deeper and reddish in color. Does the slamming hurt and is the blood frothy? Then there is a good chance that you have hit an artery. In that case, carefully withdraw the needle and press firmly with a bandage on the slam spot for at least 15 minutes. Keep your arm up while doing this. If it does not stop, go to the emergency department of the nearest hospital/call 911. Suitable veins are located on the forearm. These are usable along the entire length, from the wrist to the inside of the elbow. Alternate the slam location (left arm, right arm) and always slam in the direction of blood flow to the heart. Never slam into the groin or neck. In these places, arteries and nerves run close to the veins.
  • Muscling and skin popping:
    These techniques are often painful. Muscling is mostly done with ketamine, but other drugs are better left alone. Many drugs are poorly absorbed under the skin and muscles. Both techniques increase the risk of scar tissue.
  • Booty bumping:
    This technique can cause severe intestinal cramps when using uppers. Do not share syringes to prevent transmission of hepatitis C and other STIs.

Important to know:
Sharing all materials can spread HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. So never reuse or share syringe materials. Do not throw used syringes in the garbage. This prevents others from pricking themselves. There are convenient pocket-sized syringe containers. A metal or hard plastic can is also suitable.

Manage the coming down
Days of slamming completely exhaust you physically and mentally. A comedown is the result of a process in which the body recovers and can last for days. The comedown is often accompanied by mood swings, depressive feelings, exhaustion and headaches. A short fuse and moodiness are also common complaints.

The severity of the comedown depends on:

  • How long you have used in a row.
  • The amount and combinations you have used.
  • The degree of rest, nutrition and hydration during the slam session.
  • All the impressions you made during the slam session.

Tips for easing the comedown:

  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • Distract yourself. Watch a movie, go bike riding or exercise, take a walk or listen to music.
  • Don’t stay alone. Call or make an appointment with friends who can support you.
  • Eat small healthy portions (fruits, vegetables, soups, nuts, legumes, chicken, tuna).
  • Be kind to yourself!

Source: brochure “Slamming: do’s & don’ts” from MAINline. https://mainline.nl/

Want to know more?

  • For info on tina, chemsex and slamming, consult: www.sexntina.nl
  • For information, advice and support on slams, you can also email: chemsex@mainline.nl
  • chemMEN: here are support workers who can look at this technique with you. New material, such as syringes, filters, sterile water, steri-cups and needle containers can also be obtained free of charge at chemMEN or syringe exchange, you can bring your used needles here. Contact us via free-clinic.be or by phone/sms/Whatsapp: 0485/41.85.53 (Jasper) or 0485/41.89.90 (Nick)

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