In case of emergency

In most cases the use of chemicals is related to pleasure, however (mis)use can sometimes provoke side effects that can lead to serious intoxication. When you or your partner/friend feel unwell after using chemicals, it is important to act quickly and accurately.

In some cases it is strongly recommended to call an ambulance (112) or take the person to the hospital emergency room:

  • Water poisoning: nausea, dizziness, confusion, fatigue, decreased consciousness and muscle cramps
  • Overheating: hot, chills, rapid heartbeat, pale color, decreased consciousness
  • Chest pressure, severe pain in the chest and/or left arm (risk of heart attack)
  • Severe headache (risk of cerebral hemorrhage)
  • Unconsciousness

After calling the ambulance, immediately place the victim in the stable side position.

How do I avoid problems with the police in case of emergency?
Usually the police will not accompany the ambulance team. Only in the case of an unexpected death, life-threatening incidents, or when it is clear that the incident is related to criminal acts will the police join the ambulance team.

In any case, it is extremely important to call for help when needed!
Keep this in mind:

  • Refusing to call for help in an emergency is a criminal offense!
  • The use of drugs is NOT illegal. The possession of drugs is illegal.
  • When calling 911, do NOT explain that drugs are involved.
  • After calling the ambulance, hide all drugs and drug related items (needles, syringes, sniffers, mirror, etc.)
  • Once the medical team arrives (without police) immediately tell them what type of drugs were used and in what doses. If possible, give them a list of the drugs, the doses and the time of intake.
  • Explain that you found this paper (not that you organized it). Medics have professional confidentiality. The price for an ambulance is 60.84 euros and is charged to the patient.
  • If the police arrive with the medical team, they do not have permission to search your house (unless they see that drugs are openly available).
  • In case of investigation by the police, the person who provided the drugs and communicated the location of the event is liable to punishment.

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